East Lake High School Volleyball


2024 Schedule

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Volleyball Staff
Varsity Coach- Terry Small, smallt@pcsb.org
Junior Varsity Coach-  Liz McDuffy, lizmcduffy12@gmail.com
Assistant Coach- 
Barb Small, smallba@pcsb.org
Assistant Coach– Jessie Hansen, jessiehansen16@gmail.com
Booster Club President- Jon Wheaton,

2024 Preseason Remind Group (receive updates regarding preseason activities): Join Remind

2024 Spring Open Gym: Tuesday, May 21st – 2:15-3:30

2024 Summer Conditioning: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7:30-9am. Begins Tuesday, June 4th. School Summer Insurance is required as well as Participation Form. This can be found below under “Participation forms & requirements”.

2024 UT Team Camp: Team Camp 2- July 19th-21st  Register Here

2024 Varsity Tryouts:  July 29th and 30th 7:30-9:30 am

2024 JV Tryouts:
August 8th 6-7:30 pm

Practices During School:
Varsity  2:15-4:15
JV 2:30-4:00

Blue and Silver Scrimmage- August 9th
3:30- JV arrive for pictures
4:15- Varsity arrive for pictures
6:00- Parent Meeting
Immediately after the parent meeting: JV vs JV, JV vs Varsity and Varsity vs Varsity

Publix Fundraiser: August 10th

Meet the Player Night- TBD

Teacher Appreciation Night: 9/17 vs Countryside

Senior Night: 9/26 vs Pinellas Park

Banquet: December 4th @ Crescent Oaks

Parent Information (Updated 8/2022)
Coaching Philosophy
Player/Parent Policies
Parent Meeting Notes
East Lake Eagles Player Code of Conduct
Picture Order Form
Apparel Order Form

Participation forms and requirements:

The only forms that need to be uploaded are the following (Confirmed by our Athletic Coordinator-7/27):
Physical (must be on the EL2 form)
Participation Form (Link to packet– Only participation form needs to be uploaded)
Proof of school insurance (Must be purchased. This is not your personal family insurance)
Concussion, Cardiac Arrest & Heat Illness certificate completion (Click Here to register and take the course.)

All other forms from the past are now electronic signature in the Athletic Clearance System.  Login directions are below.

  • Student Insurance
  • Visit AthleticClearance.com Click on the Florida Picture
    • Click on “Create an Account” and follow steps. Or Sign in if you have previously created an account.  Watch tutorial video if help is needed.
    • Register. PARENTS register with valid email username and password
    • Login using your email address that you registered with
    • Select “Start Clearance Here” to start the process.
    • Choose the School Year in which the student plans to participate. Example: Football in Sept 2021 would be the 2021-2022 School Year.
    • Choose the School at which the student attends and will compete for.
    • Choose Sport.  *You can also “Add New Sport” if a multi-sport athlete.  Electronic signatures will be applied to the additional sports/activities.
    • Complete all required fields for Student Information, Educational History, Medical History and Signature Forms. (If you have gone through the AthleticClearance.com process before, you will select the Student and Parent/Guardian from the dropdown menu on those pages)
    • Once you reach the Confirmation Message (if your school uses it) you have completed the process.
    • All of this data will be electronically filed with your school’s athletic department for review. When the student has been cleared for participation, an email notification will be sent.

Online Athletic Clearance FAQ

  • What is my Username?
    • Your username is the email address that you registered with.
  • Multiple Sports
    • On the first step of the process you have the ability to “Add New Sport”. If you use this option, you fill out the clearance one time and it is applied to the sport selected.
    • If you complete a clearance and come back at a later date to add a sport, you will “Start New Clearance” and then autofill student and parent information using the dropdown menus on those pages.
  • Physicals
    • The physical form can be downloaded on Files page.
  • Why haven’t I been cleared?
    • Your school will review the information you have submitted and Clear, Clear for Practice or Deny your student for participation. You will receive an email when the student’s status is updated.
  • My sport is not listed!
    • Please contact your school’s athletic department and ask for your sport to be activated.

2024 Schedule

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