East Lake High School Beach Volleyball


February 23rd Jamboree Info 

1.       PARKING – Please park in the designated area east of the courts or in the paved lot in front of the large pavilion building by the lake.  If that area fills up, please park in the overflow grass area northeast of the volleyball courts, near the soccer fields.  Parking is FREE.  Please do not park in areas marked as NO PARKING! 
2.       RIBBON CUTTING – We will be having a ribbon cutting ceremony between 9am-9:30am on Saturday morning to celebrate and open the new Athletics Center.  Attendees can assemble between courts 1, 2, & 3 to participate in the ceremony. 
3.       RESTROOMS – Restrooms will be available in the pavilion by the lake until 10:00am.  After the ribbon cutting ceremony, the restrooms in the new Athletics Center (adjacent to the sand courts) will be open.  We will have two sets of restrooms available after the new building opens.  The public restrooms will be available for guests, spectators, and coaches.  The locker room restrooms will be available for high school female athletes only throughout the event.
4.       CONCESSIONS – We will have concessions available during the day.  Between 12n & 2pm we will have Chick-Fil-A sandwiches available.  They will be available while supplies last.
5.       WEATHER – Please note that in the event of inclement weather, we will follow all rain and lightning policies. 
a.       Rain Only – We will continue play
b.      Rain & Wind – We will monitor closely and pause if necessary
c.       Rain & Lightning – If within 6-10 miles we will stop play for 30 minutes, any subsequent lightning will restart the 30 minute lightning clock
6.       CHECK-IN – Only coaches will be allowed to check in teams.  Coaches should check in their teams during the time allotted in the schedule.  Teams that are not checked in during the allotted time will be dropped.  Additional sanctions by SSAC will be applied.
a.       AM WAVE – Check in between 8am-9am
b.      PM WAVE – Check in between 12:30pm-1:30pm
7.       COACH REQUIREMENTS – All coaches must comply with the following requirements to actively coach during the jamboree:
a.       Must be a current member of USA Volleyball
b.      Must have a current USA Volleyball background screen
c.       Must be IMPACT or Beach IMPACT certified
d.      Must have successfully completed the USA Volleyball SafeSport Training
8.       OFFICIALS TRAINING – Officials training will consist of two parts.  Part 1 will be a rules review and a 10 question test on the most misunderstood beach rules.  Part 2 will be a practical training on how a beach team should officiate a match.  Athletes will be issued 1 whistle per team to use during their officiating assignment.
9.       PLAY SCHEDULE – We anticipate that almost 300 pairs from 60 schools will attend the jamboree. To ensure that all teams will get an opportunity to participate in official’s training, compete, and officiate during their half day schedule, teams will be nested into an abbreviated playing format.  Each round of play will last for 15 minutes.  Teams will compete in 4-team pools.  Tournament staff will call out when teams will switch on their courts.  The team with the highest score at the end of 15 minutes will be declared the winner for that round.  It will be important for all teams to warm-up prior to the start of their playing round.
10.   RESULTS – There will only be pool play games during the day, no bracket matches will be played.  Scores will be recorded, but results will not count for or against a team/school.  The jamboree format is primarily for officiating training and scrimmaging other schools.
11.   PAIRS ASSIGNMENTS – Coaches will be responsible for managing their pairs assignments.  Coaches may move athletes between pairs during the jamboree without penalty.
12.   COACH MENTORING – During the day we will offer free coach mentoring for high school coaches that have questions on coaching beach volleyball.  Two prominent beach coaches will be in attendance: Tyra Turner and Hudson Bates.
13.   SPECTATOR & SCHOOL TENTS – Spectators  & schools are allowed to bring tents and set them up in the designated areas between courts and around the perimeter of the complex.  Tents or umbrellas must be securely fastened to the ground.  Please do not place tents in the emergency lanes.
14.   COURT ASSIGNMENTS – Court assignments will be based on how schools assign their pairs for the day.  Athletes may play on different courts during the jamboree.
15.   OFFICIAL VOLLEYBALL & BALL CHECKOUT – Molten is the official beach volleyball for the season.  Only Molten volleyballs will be allowed during competition.  Teams needing to check out Molten beach volleyballs can do so at the main tournament tent.  Ball check out will require a government issued photo ID.  Lost volleyballs will incur a $45 fee.
16.   PICNIC TABLES – We have picnic tables located throughout the complex.  They are available on a first-come basis.  You may place your tent over the tables if desired.  Please do not relocate the picnic tables.
17.   MEDICAL – Certified Athletic Trainers will be available on the sand during the jamboree.  Athletes needing medical attention of any kind should contact the medical staff for assistance.


Final Note: This event will be the largest high school beach volleyball event in the US with almost 300 pairs in attendance.  The primary goal of the day is to offer official’s education and scrimmages to kick-off the 2019 high school beach season in Florida.


For further information on venue information and directions please visit our website at www.HickoryPointBeach.com. We look forward to seeing you at Hickory Point Beach this Saturday!



Important Information 

Practices are on Thursday’s @ Bayhead Sand Courts (375 Seminole Boulevard, Largo, FL 33770) & Saturday’s @ Safety Harbor Sand Court (940 7th St. South, Safety Harbor)

Practices will be lead by David Thompson and David Carstenson

Remind: Enter 81010 text @g2khh8 (Verizon customers will need the app)

Student-athletes must have proper membership/certifications with USAVFL

SSAC Consent and Release from Liability From- Click Here

Must have an up to date physical

Student-athletes will wear the appropriate (conservative) uniform for competition and practices

Players will self-referee. No Coaching allowed at all, except during time outs (2 per set)

Matches will consist of best 2 out of 3 sets to 21 with no cap

Additional Information: Click Here

East Lake Beach Volleyball Season

February 7th– First practice

February 23rd– Jamboree (Saturday @ Hickory Point Beach)

March 26th-  Conference Meet vs Riverview (Tuesday @ IRCS 4:45)

March 29th– Dual Meet vs IRCS and West Orange (Friday @ IRCS 3:15)

TBA – Match vs Braden River

TBA – Match vs Charlotte

TBA – Match vs Port Charlotte

TBA – Match vs Tarpon Springs

April 13th– IRCS Tournament (Saturday @ IRCS)

April 15th– Regional Qualifiers (TBA)

April 26th– State Championships (Friday/Saturday @ Hickory Point Beach)

May 10th– National Championships (Friday/Saturday @ Hickory Point Beach) 



East Lake
Braden River
Port Charlotte
Riverview (Sarasota)
Tarpon Springs