High School Drop-In Volleyball

High School Drop-In Volleyball

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High School Drop-In Volleyball

 night high school drop-in volleyball from 5-7 @ Athletic House
(June 10,17,24)  $5.00

Thursday night drop-in volleyball from 6-8 @ Ross Norton 1426 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave
(July 27th, August 10th & 24th)

Learning how to play fair is one of the most important life lessons girls can gain from participating in a youth sport like volleyball. All athletes will experience the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, but when they can win with humility and lose with pride, they leave the court with improved character. The sport of volleyball will teach them from a young age the value of playing by the rules with honor and integrity on the court, even when it seems hard.

The moral character that is built with honor and integrity from playing volleyball builds the foundation that will mold your daughter’s ethics and build discipline through accountability and strong role models.

As your child grows they will experiences the awesome accomplishment that comes from serving the ace tha scores the winning point, or the disappointment that comes from serving the sideout that loses the game. These experiences of ups and downs will occur throughout their lives but learning early on that it is okay to make mistakes when we can learn from them is priceless.

Positive youth development stresses the importance of sport in acquiring skills that are beneficial in other areas such as school, family and work that lead to better adaptive skills. Studies have shown that children that participate in sports as compared to their peers who do not play a sport;

  • Exhibit higher grades
  • Greater personal confidence
  • Self-esteem
  • Greater connections with school and in the community
  • Stronger peer relationships
  • More academically oriented friends
  • Stronger bond with family
  • More restraint in avoiding risky behavior
  • Greater involvement in volunteer work.

These outcomes are directly related to learning the values and skills associated with initiative, social cohesion, self-control, persistence and responsibility.

Pinellas Heat Elite Volleyball provides opportunities for girls to engage in valuable and positive relationships with adults, coaches, which is especially important when such benefits are not always available at home due to family dynamics or work schedules. Research on the role and importance of exercise in children confirms that it improves mood, self-esteem, alleviates many forms of depression and helps to prevent obesity.

Studies have found that youth who are highly involved in sport are more emotionally resilient and better equipped to recover from problems. Volleyball provides an opportunity for girls to safely navigate and negotiate between right and wrong as they learn to interact with peers and adults avoiding social isolation.

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